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Hello everyone! My name is Andris and I am 31. I worked a lot through my life, but all the time I had no money. Unfortunately, in the area where I lived, I had to work either for a penny or be a criminal. I had a friend - John, who was spending all of his time in an online casino, but I decided that I will not listen to his advices, and rather will work harder and go to the success on my own way. But shortly after John and I went to the bar to skip a bottle of Beer, and there things changed.

We sat down at the table, and he immediately said that he'll pay for me and EVERYONE who were sitting in this bar. I knew John for some time already, and the only thing he was doing - playing in an online casino all the time. I decided to ask him why he wanted to pay for all the people and tried to talk him out of it. But next, John pulled out of his pocket $10,000 and said these are just nothing for him, some paper. He told me that he went to an online casino and made a deposit for his last money (it was $100), and he began to turn the King Of Olympus at $10 per spin. On the ninth turn he hit the jackpot: $100,000. I was deeply shocked.


After talk in the bar, I realized that I have to act. I decided to change my life by starting small. The first step was to register in kasino.kom and to make a deposit of $100. After that, I decided to take a bonus of 100% and had already $200 in my account. So it all began like this, and then I just started to play. I chose a different slot and went into it, by starting to play at low stakes (0.20-1$ for the beginning). There were wins and loses. Something was pushing me, and I decided to play big: $20 for spin. After clicking the button for the first time my hands starded to shake, as what I saw on the monitor was insane: I've hitted a JACKPOT of $435.495...

This photo is taken only 7 days after my first major victory. I was filled with emotions so much, because I realized that my whole life could be just as before, if I hadn't decided to give it a shot. After I got $430,000 it was obvious for me, that I found my job for a whole life - playing in an online casino. I've invested $5,495, and wanna know how much I made in next 10 days? $2,453,187. Now I've provided my family (mother and sisters) with apartments in a suburb of London. And you know what? I'm happy! I am a very very happy person right now!


It was 20 days after I became a millionaire. I began to collect documents in order to transport my entire family to London. It was not so easy, but the lawyer helped us and solved all of our problems according to the law. I was so glad that it is such an easy task when you have money :) Sisters were worried before moving, because they had to have everything changed in their lifes. It was important for me that all my native people were near me and were supportive. I continued to make money at

It was not difficult at all to get used to such big amounts of money. Now, when I win $10.000-$20.000, it does not surprise me anymore. My family is happy, just like me :) Down below I will leave the link to the casino where I played.


P.S.: I made this photo 33 days after. Here are my Mom and sisters. I think you can see how happy we are now! :) I hope that my experience will be useful to you and maybe, some of you will be able to earn as much as I do.


Brother! I am glad you're doing fine! I also tried and won $2.450 in an online casino. Thank you very much for your story! I wish all the best to you and your family!

Cool! Mom can be proud of you

Used this casino and could not believe my eyes. Just like you said, it worked out. I've won $7600, and now I have money for me and my family.

Thank you for the article. You have very beautiful mother


Well done mate, I'm very impressed by your article.

Thanks. Also started to play. Now I don't have to go to work. For 3 days I managed to earn $700. But I'm just starting!

Constance :
Now I will tell you the whole truth about kasino.kom. This is a casino that gives you not only the opportunity to earn fast, but great BONUSES as well. I did not expect this at all. I invested $ 100, and the casino gives me 200. Magic. If you play for 3-5 dollars, you can also earn. I knew that you can earn money in a casino, but your article makes me reconsider my view on work in general. For the moment I earned $ 950 in a few days

I can sign under every word. It's a great casino.

I have been playing for 2 years already, brother. And during this time earned more than you :P It is a pity that you left Africa brother. I recently bought a Mustang ;) We would race together :)

I have a friend Dillon. He is not a poor man and travels a lot around the world while I sit at work. I told him about your blog and he said that he knows you. I did not believe him and thought he is kidding. Then, he sent a photo of you where you are at the Airport. This is what I did not expect at all! You're doing fine man! I will try as well and hope I will be like you brother!


I am 52 years old, and I am learning from young people ... Why did I spend 40 years of my life on this stupid work?

And further! Thank you for linking to There are a lot of fakes nowadays!

Thank you very much for the information! Earned $ 450

Matthew :
Everything written in this blog is 100% true! Life is a game and you have to win it. really good casino.

Andrew (admin):
Kent, I wish my grandfather is so modern as you :)

I registered and for some reason received a 200% bonus. Is this normal?